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Ensure optimal ventilation with the white nylon circular air intake, ideal for a wide range of marine and industrial applications. Designed to provide efficient ventilation, this vent is tough, durable and easy to install.

Key Features:

Outer Diameter: 120 mm

Hole Diameter: 95 mm

Thickness: 18 mm

Material: High quality white nylon.

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The stainless steel air intake with 2 grilles, measuring 235x180 mm, represents an elegant and functional solution for ventilation in various applications. With its stainless steel construction, this air intake not only offers superior corrosion resistance, but also adds a touch of elegance and durability to its functionality. The dimensions of 235x180 mm provide a large area for air intake and exhaust, optimizing airflow and ensuring proper ventilation. The 2 grilles in the air intake improve air distribution, avoiding potential obstructions and ensuring efficient passage.