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Radar reflector on a column. Very practical shape, offers minimal wind resistance and is easily installed. Since the reflective capacity is proportional to the surface of the reflector, it is advisable to install the model with the largest possible reflective surface. The radar reflector should also be mounted on the highest part of the vessel. Ø 50 mm; 50 mm length. Reflective surface area 2 sqm.
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The daytime plastic cone signage is a highly effective visual device designed to clearly and visibly signal and delimit areas during daylight hours. Its plastic construction offers a combination of lightness and durability, making it ideal for a variety of situations. The detachable and foldable feature makes this signage extremely practical for storage and transportation. The ability to disassemble the cone facilitates space-saving during storage, while the foldability simplifies transportation conveniently. The height of 470 mm provides a visible yet not excessive dimension, ensuring that the signal is easily visible without being bulky.