Who we are

Nautica 21 Nodi was born in November 2016 from the passion for the sea of two friends: Davide Di Maio and Francesco Vanacore. On January 27, 2017, the first store in Castellammare di Stabia opens its doors to the public. followed in April 2019 by the opening of a temporary store in the Marina d'Arechi tourist port in Salerno. In the same year the company entered the world of e-commerce by presenting the virtual store www.nautica21nodi.it.

In 2020, Honda Marine proudly becomes part of the family: Nautica 21 Nodi thus becomes an official Point.

Continuously seeking to improve, the Castellammare di Stabia headquarters has been renovated since March with the opening of the new showroom which has a total surface area of approximately 400 m2 inside and various warehouses outside the structure for a total of 1000 m2 approximately.

Nautica 21 Nodi is a young and dynamic company that aims to offer a high quality service.

Strengthened by large internationally recognized brands, we offer our customers the best in nautical accessories and work equipment currently available on the market, to satisfy the needs of both the yachtsman and the nautical and naval shipbuilding industry without failing to meet the needs of the most demanding private individual.

The sales prices that we apply on the 2 showrooms, one real and the other virtual, are the same, obviously the difference lies in the shipping costs linked to the couriers and the services requested, but more or less I can confirm that the conditions of sale are the same.

In this regard we can say that all our sales staff, both physical and online, can assist and advise the customer at 360°. Both from a technical and practical point of view and, why not, in some cases even aesthetic ones

Our catalog currently has around 15,000 items, of which an average of 9,000 are always available. In case of shortage we try to make up for it within 2/3 working days.

To get excellent feedback and maximize our customer loyalty, we use:

“I listen” to understand what his needs are;

“comparison” to understand what may be more suitable;

“put yourself“, as the English say, that is, identify with the customer, to leave nothing to chance.

All this in addition to the return service within 7 days of purchase, in the event that the products ordered online do not meet your expectations.

The Team

Ferdinando Verdino
E-commerce Assistant
Ferdinando will be your help in our online store, assisting you in all phases of the order

Nunzio Esposito
Sales Specialist
Practically the beating heart of our warehouse, thanks to his professionalism he manages every process impeccably of work

Stefania Esposito
Sales Manager
Nothing escapes Stefania's attentive eye, thanks to her great experience, she manages to make every what.

Davide Di Maio
Our lighthouse that guides us to safe ports

Francesco Vanacore
Our compass that guides us at sea