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The JABSCO impeller is made of durable neoprene and features a bronze insert for maximum durability and performance. The impeller dimensions are as follows: outer diameter of 65mm, height of 76mm, and inner diameter of 16mm. Please note that the package only includes the impeller and does not include any other accessories or parts.
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The Jabsco 018 17935-01 impeller is a spare part designed for water circulation pumps. The impeller is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and high performance. The impeller has an outer diameter of 95mm, a height of 63.2mm, and an inner diameter of 25mm. These dimensions are designed to perfectly fit Jabsco water circulation pumps.
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The Jabsco impeller is a spare part for water circulation pumps, made of high-quality neoprene with a bronze insert. This combination of materials offers greater durability and resistance to the most demanding conditions of use. The impeller has an outer diameter of 96mm, a height of 89mm, and an inner diameter of 24.5mm, dimensions designed to fit perfectly with Jabsco water circulation pumps.
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Original references JOHNSON 09-806B Original references YANMAR 104211-42070,104211-42071 Original references VETUS IMP00501 Original references ONAN 132-0859 Original references PERKINS USA 24990272 Original references SHERWOOD 9979 Original references ANCOR J050010 Original references CEF 500100 Original references OS 16.185.01 / 16.044.00 / 16.035.00 / 16.035.01 / 16.036.00 Original references FNI 27.27107 Original references VOLVO 803729 / 875807-0 / 876554-7 / 3586494 / 833550 / 21972908 Renault RC16D
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Shafts: 9
Includes: 2 gaskets
A mm.25.00
B mm.95.00
C mm.63.10
Original Reference JOHNSON 09-1029B
Original Reference ANCOR 2038
Original Reference CEF 500105
Original Reference OS 16.194.34 / 16.042.00
Original Reference FNI 27.27103
Original Reference JMP 8000-01
Volvo 875736-1 2430184-6 875660-3 807904 21730344 21951360,