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Remote-controlled headlight with "Sealed Beam" tungsten bulb, equipped with a dual filament. It produces a short wide beam light (100 meters) or a narrow cone depth light (262 meters). Rotation at 380°, up and down 70°. White ABS casing, UV resistant. Power 55+55 Watt Headlight diameter 160 mm Length 220 mm Height 220 mm
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Manually adjustable spotlight operated by a handle below the cover or under the roll bar, with a sealed beam bulb equipped with a dual filament. It produces a short wide beam of light (100 + 100 meters) or a narrow cone of depth (262 meters). Rotation at 340°, high and low at 70°. White ABS housing, UV resistant. Complete with switch. Power: 55+55 Watt Diameter of spotlight: 160 mm Length: 220 mm Height: 220 mm
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High quality 13 LED lighthouse with a operating lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Made of painted lightweight alloy and ABS with a stainless steel base. Available with both a flat mounting base and a support for attachment to the pulpit. Can be detached from the base and comes with an extendable cable up to 2 meters. Waterproof ON - OFF switch and cigarette lighter plug. With flat mounting base. Power supply 12 - 24 Volt. 13 Watt LED power. Replaces 130 Watt lamp. IP66 protection. Range of 600 m.