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Teak Wonder Dressing & Sealer è il protettivo ideale per il teak, in grado di sigillare i pori del legno e impedire la penetrazione di polvere e sporcizia che possono scurire il legno. Inoltre, il prodotto protegge gli olii del teak dai danni dei raggi UV e contrasta la penetrazione di sostanze liquide come gasolio, sangue dei pesci o vernici, semplificando la pulizia. A differenza di altri protettivi per teak a base oleosa, Teak Wonder Dressing & Sealer non rende scivolose le superfici o le macchia, non scurisce il teak e non si accumula. 

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Teak Wonder Dressing & Sealer is the ideal protector for teak, as it seals the wood's pores, preventing the penetration of dust and dirt that can darken it. Additionally, it protects teak oils from damage from UV rays and prevents the penetration of liquid substances such as diesel, fish blood, or paint, making cleaning easier. Unlike other oil-based teak protectors, Teak Wonder Dressing & Sealer does not make surfaces slippery or stain, does not darken teak, and does not accumulate. Furthermore, it dries quickly and does not have an unpleasant odor. Teak Wonder Dressing & Sealer can be used in combination with the Cleaner and Brightener to maintain your boat's teak in perfect condition. With a coverage of approximately 5-6 square meters per liter.
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Teak cream allows you to restore a natural appearance to a teak that has been greyed by the sun and sea moisture without having to use additional wood preparation products such as oil and/or regenerator, all you need to do is to have properly cleaned the part to be treated. It can be used in one or two coats depending on the desired appearance and durability. Apply generously with a brush to allow the product to penetrate, then remove the excess by wiping the substrate with a clean, dry cloth.

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The concentrated teak cleaner is a product formulated with plant-based surfactants, specially developed for frequent cleaning of teak covers. This cleaner is able to clean the wood without impoverishing or drying it, without removing the natural oils present in it. Furthermore, the product has low foam formation and is safe to use on rubber, plastic, fiberglass, and steel. To use the concentrated teak cleaner, it is necessary to dilute it in a ratio of 1/10 with water. In this way, the product will be ready for use and can be applied to teak covers using a cloth or sponge. After applying the product, it is important to rinse thoroughly with clean water to completely remove the cleaner.
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Pen Teak Wood Euromeci is a teak whitener, ideal for removing the gray caused by weathering from teak covers without the need for sanding. The product is safe for use on deck rubber, as well as on fiberglass-reinforced plastic (VTR), painted, or varnished surfaces. To use, dilute the product with 10 parts water, then apply it to the teak cover using a soft brush. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse. It is important to note that Pen Teak Wood Euromeci is designed to be used only on teak and should be diluted before use. In summary, using Pen Teak Wood Euromeci is easy. Just dilute the product with 10 parts water, apply it to the teak cover using a brush.
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Iosso Golden Teak Brightener is an ideal bleach for removing weathering grayness from teak coverings without the need for sanding. The product is extremely safe to use on rubber decking, as well as on fiberglass, painted, or glazed surfaces. It is important to note that Iosso Golden Teak Brightener should not be applied in direct sunlight during the hottest hours. Additionally, the product can corrode aluminum, light alloys, anodized finishes, and other delicate surfaces, so caution must be exercised during use.